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Wait??? Is the website down?? Is it the end?


No, it's a new beginning! Thanks to everybody who donated and supported the podcast on Ko-fi, French Blabla is going to have a makeover. It's time for a fresher look.


There will still be new episodes coming out so don't miss them!


While the website is in maintenance, all downloadables will be on Ko-fi.

'French Blabla's Caroline is my go-to French online teacher for navigating the challenging French language world. She not only provides a super engaging podcast but also manages to make it highly entertaining and relatable to real life situations, as if the listener was actually in France. If you are interested in receiving the 'Insider's Guide' to French language understanding, this is the podcast for you. Je vous souhaite trop de cafè Caroline!'                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  - Oliver, USA -


Thank you!

The show keeps growing and growing month after month. We reached half a million downloads some time ago. It's all thanks to you. Nothing would be possible without your on-going support. Merci du fond du coeur.

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You've just listened to an episode of  "A day in French" series and you'd like to download the study guide that goes with it. Look no further and click on the image to access all the latest guides.

Let's Talk Conversation Class

Do you feel shy when you need to talk in French?

Does your mind go blank when it's your turn to speak?


If you said yes, then it's time to join my one on one 100% tailored asynchronous conversation class where you'll be challenged to speak. Friendly atmosphere but serious work! Click on the pic to know more.

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