Should you study French?

Bonjour à tous,

Weekend is here! I don’t know what’s with these special days but they always bring with them creativity. Once more, I designed a little infographic for when you don’t feel motivated and need a smile. We always have excuses not to study French and I’m sure you will recognize some of yours, especially the “I don’t have time” one. But it’s not really about having time, it’s more about taking the time.  As for me, I sometimes have problems to get to work and when it’s like that, the only cure is to get a shot of inspiration. When I feel inspired, I instantly feel that I could work all day.

Should you

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I’ve shared with you what works for me when I don’t feel like working, what works for you? When you feel too lazy to study French, which tools or techniques do you use to get a good old kick in the butt? I’m really looking forward to reading your stories.

A très vite les gens !

6 thoughts on “Should you study French?

  1. guitar107 says:

    Bonjour Caro !
    This is my study plan: 1. get up early and study a little French
    2. Study after work
    3. More study on weekend (especially on a lazy Saturday or Sunday)

    Question: Pourrais-tu expliquer quand on doit utiliser “il est” et quand utiliser “c’est” ?
    Merci !

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