Episode 33 – Don’t say “yes”, use these words instead!

Welcome to the thirty-third episode of the French Blabla podcast where we will cover tips to increase your fluency while boosting your way of learning. I thought it would be interesting to continue on the topic of words to say when interacting with French people. This time, we will study how to express agreement and we will go beyond our traditional “yes”. You’ll be able to create a more active conversation and to add feelings and nuances. Stay tuned!

In this Episode

  • Master different ways to show agreement like a native
  • Add nuances and feelings through agreement
  • Bonus – how to call the doctor’s office



Share your questions in the comment section

Do you have any other phrases that you struggle to use in French? Is there something that you can’t seem to master no matter how hard you try? Don’t hesitate to share with me in the comment section.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 33 – Don’t say “yes”, use these words instead!

  1. Russ says:

    Salut Caro

    I struggle with words like could, should and would and how to combine them with other verbs i.e. I should have gone to the doctor’s last week or I could have done that myself – lots of verbs in one sentence.

    Hope that gives you an idea for another lesson.

    Loving the series – merci beaucoup.


    • Caro says:

      Coucou Russ, au plaisir ! Je suis vraiment ravie si tu aimes mes épisodes “don’t say this, say this”. Spoiler alert! There’s another one coming 😀 Thanks for the episode suggestion, it’s a very good idea. Duly noted!

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