olive oil

A day in French – 22 – Olive Oil

Welcome to the twenty-second episode of this series that will transport you to the daily life of a French woman. We will cover specific vocabulary to increase your fluency while practicing particular grammar points. I hope you’re hungry because we’re going to talk about food, my favourite topic. In the previous episode, we talked about food as well but about a very strange Christmas menu. I wonder if there were any vegetarians who listened to that episode. Today, nothing disgusting I promise, it will be about olive oil. I will share a story about last summer and a tour that I did with my family. Don’t forget to download the study guide to get access to the transcription. Stay tuned!

In this Episode

  • Cultural nugget about olive oil
  • Review the object pronoun “les”
  • A challenge for you to shine

olive oil

Est-ce que toi, tu préfères le beurre ou l’huile d’olive ?

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