Episode 41 – Are you guilty of saying “comme ci comme ça”? Time to use “bof” instead

Welcome to the forty-first episode of the French Blabla podcast where we will cover tips to increase your fluency while boosting your way of learning. Guys, it’s time for the truth! Are you guilty of answering “comme ci comme ca” when somebody asks you how you are? I have no idea where it comes from, maybe from a song but when I was teaching in schools, students sometimes answered with this phrase. Frankly, I don’t know anybody in my relatives nor friends that ever said this. Today, we’re gonna drop the comme ci comme ca and study how to answer properly like French people would. In episode 22, we talked about how to translate the phrase “I’m excited” and following up on this episode, we’re going to dive a little bit deeper into the French world of total lack of enthusiasm. This three letter word we’ll study can be used in different situations with different meanings. Stay tuned!

In this Episode

  • Learn how to show a lack of enthusiasm
  • Learn two body expressions and turn into a real French person
  • The real answer to “how are you?”
  • Cultural nugget about French social habits

comme ci comme ca

A precious contribution by a fellow listener! A real gem 🙂

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