Episode 43 – Set your French learning goals for success – With special guest, Ines

Welcome to the forty-third episode of the French Blabla podcast where we will cover tips to increase your fluency while boosting your way of learning. It’s been almost two months that 2021 has started and I haven’t even asked you if you had any good French goals for this year. Every new year is always an opportunity to start fresh and I thought it would be a nice change on the podcast to have a guest. Her name is Ines and she used to be a French teacher, a regular one, just like me, years ago. Now she’s a French coach and she specializes in neurolanguage. She has kindly accepted my invitation to share with us her expertise. If you need a kick in the butt and/or some guidance because you’re a bit lost with all the things you need to learn, then stay tuned and listen to the episode.

In this Episode

  • 5 tips to set effective learning goals
  • 2 tips to stay motivated
  • A guide to achieve your goals

Click to download the guide on French Mood Coaching!

Share your goals in the comment section

Now that you’ve downloaded the guide, it’s time to share your goal! Write what you’d like to work on this year and Ines will be there to help you. Don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 43 – Set your French learning goals for success – With special guest, Ines

  1. Tony says:

    1) To understand French punctuation well enough to write decent prose (300 words) with more than just English punctuation, and improve on the progress of last year.

    2) To be able to know enough French to my do job in French if it were ever required. This consists of knowing more numbers/analysis/statistics/economic vocabulary.

    • Caro says:

      Coucou Tony ! Heureuse de te voir 🙂 Merci pour tes objectifs. Je laisserai Ines faire ses commentaires d’expert. Je te souhaite beaucoup de succès avec la ponctuation.

    • Ines, French Mood says:

      Hi Tony! Thank you for sharing your goals with us!
      I really like the goals that you have set, may I share with you some suggestion?

      I find very interesting the first goal about punctuaction. I like the fact that you have defined a quantity of words and a type of text. You could also specify the content of your text that you aim to write : what would be the content of that prose, what topic would you like to write about?

      The 2nd goal may be too big, and I recommend that you chunk it into smaller pieces. Every aspect that you mention “numbers / analysis / statistics…” should be one single goal.

      I can see that you have a very clear idea of your needs and the aspects of the language that you would like to improve, that’s great!!!
      I wish you all the best for your learning process.

      • Tony says:

        Merci d’avoir répondu. Vos commentaires ont raison particulièrement en ce qui concerne le second.
        Mes aptitudes, mon travail et mes études concernent surtout la statistique et les mathématiques, tandis que ce ré-réapprentissage du français est totalement pour le plaisir. Hélas personne ne me paye pour ou me demande à améliorer mon français au travail.
        Des défis pour ce second but pourraient consister des suivants :
        1. Lire un bulletin d’INSEE par mois.
        2. Regarder deux vidéos de mathématiques, dont une vulgarisation chaque mois.
        3. Trimestriellement, lire quelque chose de statistiques et résumer en anglais.
        4. Semestriellement, lire quelque chose de statistiques et récapituler en français
        Les deux derniers sont plus difficiles à jauger.

        Thanks for commenting.
        The second goal is a bit too vague. In short, my skill sets, employment and career has involved numbers and to be able to do my job well in a second language would involve numbers. Tasks I suppose I could do involve perhaps:
        1) read one French INSEE bulletin a month and learn and understand a few new words about statistics
        2) watch two French mathematics videos a month: one “popularising or easy” and one more learning/revising/new
        3)once a quarter read something numerical in French and summarise in English
        4)once every six months summarise something numerical in French

        This second goal is harder as it is harder to assess.

  2. Ines, French Mood says:

    Hi Tony!
    You got it, the next steps after setting goals is to set actions to reach those goals!
    I really like the fact that you set a frequency of action like “once every six months”, that’s a great idea!
    Now that you have set your goals and actions, I guess that you are highly motivated to move forward and reach them!

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