Episode 47 – How to litter your French like a native #3 – Slang edition

Bonjour à tous,

Welcome to the forty-seventh episode of the French Blabla podcast where we will cover tips to increase your fluency while boosting your way of learning. Click here if you want to hear the second part of this series geared towards intermediate and advanced learners. Click here if you miss the first part aimed at beginners and learn some instant actionable tips for a more natural French. There’s a topic that I haven’t really delved into and that is completely overlooked in this podcast. People may think that for a podcast whose claim is to teach you real spoken French, it’s a bit strange that I haven’t talked about that sooner. Frankly, I don’t think today’s topic is a requisite for sounding like a true French person. This episode comes from one dear listener, Oliver, he asked me to cover slang in French. And that’s what we’re going to do today. Stay tuned!

In this Episode

  • Why slang isn’t a requisite when you want to sound like a native
  • Useful and common slang you often hear
  • One rule that creates a lot of our usual slang

For people who like research, here’s some about expressions and “the normal way of saying things”. From Evers-Vermeul et al (2017)

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