A day in French – 17 – Election

Welcome to the seventeenth episode of this series that will transport you to the daily life of a French woman. We will cover specific vocabulary to increase your fluency while practicing particular grammar points. Today I’d like to use the news to talk about our topic. This presidential election was a good opportunity to study this very specific vocabulary. We will also do a small comparison between how we elect our French president and how you, American people elect your president. If I make any mistake, please correct me in the comment section. Don’t forget to download the study guide to get access to the transcription. Stay tuned!

A special task to review how to blame and reproach with the conditional past. Choose a politician from your country and write in the comment section what they should have done, shouldn’t have done, could have done to be a better politician. Check episode 37 to review the grammar.

In this Episode

  • Vocabulary of the election
  • Cultural nugget about how we elect our president
  • A challenge for you to shine


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Wonder Happens by Podington Bear – Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License
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