French the fun way

Say bye bye to your boring French books!
If you’re reading this, it means you’re ready to learn French in a more fun and engaging way. Too often, studying is seen as a chore, but with me, that’s not what’s going to happen. For one hour, I will challenge you with activities, videos, music and much more so that learning French is a pleasure. However, it doesn’t mean that we won’t work. I’m deeply convinced that you will remember and learn better if you’re having a good time. Yes! Teaching is my actual job and I love it. I’m passionate about helping my students grow from beginners to advanced. It makes me so proud.

I offer lessons for beginners up to advanced learners. I also do conversation classes if you’d rather focus on having more opportunities to talk. Even though my lessons follow the official European curriculum for languages, they will still be tailored to what you need depending on your strengths and weaknesses. I focus mostly on talking and listening.

I’d like to chat with you before accepting any kind of session. It’s important both for you and me that I know about your level. I won’t accept any lesson without a prior conversation.

If you’re still hesitating, here are a few words from my students:

Matthew: “If there is a professor who is more patient, kind and adept at conversational teaching than Caroline, it is probably Caroline during your next lesson.”

Dana: “Caroline is a great teacher. She makes learning process so enjoyable! I am so glad that I found her! I love that she prepares each class very thoughtfully: great quality of material, tons of creativity, interaction and fun! ”

Bean bean: “Caroline is Fantastic!!! she prepared material and sent me mp3 to review. Also she is friendly and patient. I felt confortable in the lesson.I enjoyed very much. This is the best session I’ve ever had! I’m looking forward to studying with you. Merci beaucoup & A tres vite !”

Trevor: “Caroline was a delight to work with. She wants you to learn and succeed.”

Ade: “Excellent! Everything you want in a teacher! Acertained my level before the lesson, punctual and placed me quickly at ease! (Unlike some so called teachers!). Merci !”